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Craft: St. Patrick's Day Shamrock People

Craft: Shamrock PeopleThis fun craft will have you celebrating St. Patrick's Day. Make these little Shamrock People and use them decorate your home and to tell stories about St. Patrick's Day. Children love listening to story telling and depending on the age of your child, they might just make up a fun story for you too!

Extend this activity:

  • On St. Patrick's Day, take the Shamrock People and hide them with some 'gold coins' and encourage your little one to find them and their stash of gold.

What you need:

Scrapbook paper
Empty toilet paper rolls
Googly eyes
Foam Shamrocks
Pipe cleaners
Metal toothpick

What you do:

1. Cut the scrapbook paper so that it will cover a toilet paper roll. We used three different patterns. To make the small Shamrock People we cut a toilet roll in half.
2. Put a line of glue on the toilet roll and attach the scrapbook paper to the roll. Hold in place until secure. Firmly wrap the paper around the toilet roll and glue, again holding until secure.
3. We found foam shamrock stickers at the Dollar Store and used those to make the face. You can also cut shamrocks from green construction paper. Use glue to attach the googly eyes and a marker to draw a smile.

Using a metal toothpick poke holes on the side of the toilet roll. Poke green pipe cleaners through the holes to form the arms.

This can be tricky and it is easy to poke your finger by accident. An adult should probably do this part.

  Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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Home Numbers Games Letters Crafts Shapes Discovery Colouring
Home Numbers Games Letters Crafts Shapes Discovery Coloring
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